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Are you ready to go from entrepreneur to confident CEO of your life and business? 

If so, you're in the right place! Each week, I'll be sharing what I've learned to help make YOUR journey easier and connecting you with other inspiring business owners who took a chance on themselves and who they are becoming. So whether you're just getting started, are all in, or just want to hear a friendly voice, come on in and sit with us. 
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Ep. 26: Exceptional Client Experiences - The Key to Client Retention & Consistent Referrals

Are you tired of the “feast and famine” experience of making sales and connections on social media?

Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed?

Maybe you’ve even considered quitting your business?

In this episode Paula’s shares how to create repeat signing clients and multiple referrals in your business by providing an exceptional client experience.

Paula shares the core elements to a memorable client experience that will allow you to be of service and meet your clients where they are at!

Ep. 27: Harnessing Your Personal Brand - Work, Community & Beyond with Tracey Borreson  

Does your life truly align to your values?

Or do you feel censored in the workplace, in your relationship or in your community?

In today’s episode, Tracey Borreson, brand identity coach, shares how you can identify if you have found comfort in fitting in rather than being authentically you and steps to bring you back into alignment.  

Ep. 13: Taking Off the Mask with Lea Berkman

 Do you ever feel like you don’t belong?

Or that the people around you don’t know who you really are?

In this episode, I talk to wellness coach Lea Berkman about taking off the masks she wore in her life and her journey to discovering her true self.

We discuss how she found the confidence to leave her ultra religious community and how she tackled the common fears that come up around taking the first step toward change (and how she can help you do it too!)

Ep. 14: There’s an Easier Way with Sam Geany 

 You have a cushy 6 figure corporate job, but you’re miserable.

Every day you wake up and wish you were doing something else, anything else!

Then one day you’re laid off.

You have no plan B so you go all in.

That’s how the story begins with today’s guest, 6 Figure Business Coach, Sam Geany.

Sam shares her journey from corporate employee to ex 9-5er, and how she became a 6 figure CEO of her business by taking focused and aligned steps that included time for travel and self care.  

Ep. 10: Building Ethical and Sustainable Success with Kait Visser

There are many different paths to success, but if you’re looking to build a successful business that is in integrity with your values AND is sustainable - then you’re in the right place!

In this episode, I talk to conscious brand and business coach, Kait Visser, about the important shift from scarcity to an abundance mindset.

We talk about some practical tools you can use today to change your perspective around success so you can build a truly sustainable business on your own terms!

Ep. 11: A Beginner's Guide to Human Design with Rachael Ami

Wondering about this human design thing?
What is it really?

Whether you’ve never heard of human design or you’re looking to dive a bit deeper into the basics - this episode is for you!

In this show, I talk to Human Design Coach, Rachael Ami, all about human design!

Where to start, the benefits of knowing your human design chart, and how truly understanding your own profile (and those of the people you love) can help you strengthen your relationships and manifest the things you really want
- without unnecessary pressure and burnout!

Ep. 12: Prove Yourself Wrong: How to Ditch Your Inner Critic

Are you listening to her?

Is she telling you things like -

you’re not good enough,

this goal is too big,

you can’t do this?

In this episode, I am taking you through some ways to get curious about your inner critic, why putting your focus here will set you up for success, and the foundational tools you need so you can tell that inner critic to take a hike (and take your business and life to the next level in the process!) 

Ep. 7: Badass Branding: How to Make More Money with Copy, Funnels, and Ads with Juliana Frisoli

Have you ever sat down to write a piece of content for your business and after countless hours, you’re left with the dreaded blinking cursor and a blank screen?  

If this sounds like you, then tune in to this episode because it’s going to change everything!  

On the show this week I invite consultant, agency owner, and all-around business badass Juliana Frisoli, to talk to us about all the do’s and don'ts of content creation and copywriting, ads and funnels, and how to use these tools confidently and with purpose to uplevel your business branding and message - without all that content creation stress!    

Let’s dig in! 

Ep. 8: Harness Your Empathic Powers to Have a Bigger Impact 
with Ber-Henda Williams

 Are you ready to have a bigger impact - start using your voice to have more courageous conversations?  

Maybe build your business more in alignment with the changes you’d like to see in the world?

 In this episode, I invite visionary empath coach Ber-Henda Williams to talk about how she supports empaths in honing their gifts to create mission-based businesses and lives that are more aligned with their soul’s purpose.  

We discuss what being an empath really means, how you can use these gifts in your life and business, and how to combine your empathic powers and knowledge to truly make an impact in the world.

Ep. 9: What You Need to Know to Legally Protect Your Online Business 
with Natalie Puglisi 

 If you’ve been trying to DIY the legal base of your online business - you HAVE to tune in to this episode!

On this week’s show, I invite attorney Natalie Puglisi to talk to us about:    

Building the legal foundation of your business  

How to navigate the frequent changes in the online space  

and the MOST IMPORTANT things you need to know so you can keep your business protected  
without financial stress or overwhelm!   

Ep. 4: Making the Right Investments for YOU

What comes up for you when you consider investing in yourself?  Fear, anxiety, self-doubt? I promise you - you are not alone, but there is a way to get comfortable with the idea of hiring someone or paying for support in your business.  

In this episode, I share my favorite tips to help you feel empowered and in control when navigating purchases for yourself and your business. You’ll learn how to get curious and see beyond the surface level to make investments that are aligned with your values so you can make decisions in your life and business from a place of empowerment. 

Ep. 5: Courage in the Chaos

 Dreaming of ditching your day job - but afraid to take that next step to realize your dreams?

 In this episode:  

I share about my monumental decision to leave corporate  

Why I sought support along the way  


How you can be courageous in your career RIGHT NOW to start living a life where YOU make all the rules! 

Ep. 6: Shifting Your Mindset to Build Your Business with Megan Griffin 

 Ready to release those limiting beliefs around investing in yourself and take that next step in your life?

    In this episode, I talk with Athletic Mindset Coach, Megan Griffin, as she gets vulnerable about:  

Where she started    

Her journey to starting her own business  

Stepping into her most empowered self!    

We also dive into a pivotal moment for Megan that took her from burnout to confident CEO!

Ep. 1: Empower Yourself and Kick Self-Sabotage to the Curb

 Did you know the way you speak to yourself might be keeping you from realizing your true value? It’s time to realize your worth and stop getting in the way of reaching your goals! On this very first episode of The Confidence Sessions, we’re getting vulnerable to explore how self-sabotage is keeping you from living your dream life.  

Join me as I share my favorite tips to help you stop procrastinating, discover your value, and empower yourself to kick self-sabotage to the curb to claim what YOU deserve. 

Ep. 2: Elevate Your Sales Skills to Grow Your Business with Special Guest Stephanie Nemchik 

 They say that behind every successful business is a great salesperson. But what if the thought of selling brings feelings of fear and anxiety? Our guest this week — business mentor, mindset and sales coach, Stephanie Nemchik — shares her experiences and her Grit to Growth Method to help you overcome your limiting beliefs and become a rockstar at sales.  

No matter the level of your skills, Stephanie’s insight will help YOU elevate the way you "show up" for sales to grow your business with confidence. 

Ep. 3: Awaken Your Soul and Restore the Real You with Soul Therapist Dawn Gatling 

 Are you on auto-pilot with your career, leaving you feeling as if you settled for the status quo? If you feel like you’ve lost your purpose and passion in life, you CAN rediscover who you really are by reconnecting with your soul.

In this episode, Soul Therapist Dawn Gatling is sharing how Soul Therapy addresses trauma by looking inward to enter into a process of self-discovery.

Get ready to engage with your heart and soul and use Dawn’s tips to confidently diversify your coaching resources, awaken your soul, and live your best life!