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Book-ish Talk Show Host on Thriving Women Network!

Weekly talk show hosted by Paula & 4 outstanding co-hosts with a mission to empower readers and enlighten creative writers and storytellers! Encouraging everyone with a unique and powerful story to share their truth. Join Paula every Friday as she encourages human empathy and connection through literature in Book-ish on e360tv.  

Why You're Never Too Old to Start
Making Money Online with Lisa Johnson

Lisa says, "when it comes to making money online and running an online business, age really is no barrier and you’re never too old to start. Just like me, Paula Shepherd made a transformational career change at 40 and now works with entrepreneurs who want to thrive in business, without being glued to social media 24/7. I love this conversation and I love that there are people out there showing others that you can build a business that works for you whatever your age and stage of life."

Use Your Outside Voice
Conversations with I Follow the Leader with Antoinetta Mosley

In this episode, special guest Paula Shepherd, talks to host, Antoinetta Mosley about why you should disrupt the mindset you may have been taught around using your inside voice - it's time to use your outside voice!

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:
- Why staying quiet is stunting your growth
- The importance of genuine human connection in a virtual world
- Values-Based Leadership and reframing what is important in life, relationships, and business
- Authentic Business Design – alignment with your strengths vs. a cookie cutter method

Paula was nominated and selected to be featured in Voyage Austin.

Read the story of how she got started, her values and she defines success.

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