I always felt I was too much!
Like I had to make less noise - create less ripples - take up less space. 

But I've always known that I was here to make a BIG impact!
And you can't make a huge impact without first boldly owning and elevating your voice!

Hi! I’m Paula!
I speak about bold communication to help audiences speak with confidence and deepen relationships so they can thrive.

Have you ever made your voice quiet because you wanted others to feel more comfortable?

I absolutely have.

 And every time I did it felt like I was hiding more and more of who I am. The more I tried to stay quiet, the less engaged I felt in the conversation.

When I was working in my corporate jobs I SO badly wanted to create change within the company. But it was a male dominated industry and sometimes it felt like I didn’t belong.

I didn’t want to rock the boat because I didn’t have the years of experience or technical degrees that my colleagues did. Instead I worked hard to get certifications, raised my hand to lead initiatives that required time outside my normal work hours, and tried desperately to get noticed and earn the privilege to speak up and be heard.

So I started to get curious, talking to team members, listening to and addressing their concerns, and connecting with them in ways they hadn’t experienced before at work. And it turned out many of them were unhappy and ready to leave if something didn’t change.

But here’s what I found to be true - 

Massive change happens when people begin to use their voices, like…

➡️ Improved performance fueled by open discussion;

➡️ More engaged, dynamic teams;

➡️ Increase in innovative ideas and strategic thinking

➡️ Reduction in absenteeism;

➡️ Significant decreases in turnover; and

➡️ Greater profitability and financial success

I’ve witnessed firsthand that the most successful workplaces are spaces and places where people feel seen and heard.

That’s where I come in!

I show you how to approach communication and relationships with a people first mentality that puts you in the driver's seat as an empowered leader with every action you take, so you feel confident in your decisions and communication. (bye, bye people pleasing. hello trailblazer)

Your confidence will rise, you’ll gain clarity about yourself and those around you, and develop deeper relationships - in life and at work.

I’m passionate about helping business owners, teams, and organizations empower their people to become more engaged by creating a culture that encourages them to speak up knowing they are seen and heard.

Are you ready?

Paula's Mission & Purpose


“Sometimes you have to do what’s right instead of what’s expected.”


“Your ability to express yourself authentically directly correlates to your level of success.”


“Commit to being honest instead of popular.”


“Every moment you second guess what you want to say, is a moment you rob people of knowing who you really are.”

Human Design Expert & Alignment Coach - Rachael Ami

Rachael Ami is a 2/5 emotional Manifestor, Human Design expert, and alignment coach from the UK.

She uses Human Design to invite you back into your body and to create a life by design, as unique as you are. Rachael coaches on emotional alignment, authentic expression and trusting your intuition.

Rachael’s intention for her clients is to deeply love and trust who you are so you can boldly express yourself in your life, your relationships and business.

She is a certified Human Design and Gene Keys reader, currently in the process of receiving her ICF credentials as a holistic life coach.