For years I turned down the volume on my personality, constantly sabotaged myself, and made decisions based on fear of judgment.

This deeply affected my ability to create genuine relationships and stunted my growth.


Over the months that I have worked with Paula, my entire life outlook has shifted and I have met my goals and then some. I feel much more like myself and my relationships have greatly improved, as has my daily environment too. Best of all, I can happily say that I feel confident setting goals for myself and honoring them now."
Margaux K.
"...after only 14 days in The Courage Blueprint I am seeing changes in my attitude and confidence."
Jessica R.
"When I started working with Paula I knew what my big picture goals were but I could not remove the blocks I had of overwhelm. Paula provided me clarity and the ability to not just see a path but guided me to create a plan and provided tolls for me to walk it. "
Rachel H.

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