Why They Aren't Buying What You're Selling & How to Turn That Around TODAY

Tell me if this sounds familiar… You tried to sell something online that you were super passionate about, but no one bought it. So you asked for some

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You tried to sell something online that you were super passionate about, but no one bought it.

So you asked for some help refining your offer and your marketing, and then you ended up selling something completely different.

And maybe no one bought that either.

So you keep trying to sell different things hoping that eventually you’ll land on the right offer that will sell like hot cakes.

But here’s the truth… it’s not your offer!

You don’t need to keep changing your offer in order to be successful.

You just need to find the right way to promote it by using your voice and crystal clear messaging.

If you’re passionate about something, you should sell that!

It’s important to stay focused on your mission and not give up on the business idea that you fell in love with in the first place.

So maybe you started off the year being really excited about your business and just having this reinvigoration about what it was going to look like for you, and how much money you were going to make. You're starting to sell some things in your business, and you're thinking, this is awesome! I'm going to make this work for me.

I'm going to make all this money, I have something that people will want to buy. Maybe this was at the beginning of last year before the pandemic or during the pandemic when you started your business, or it could be just right now. Because we always are having this mind drama, right?

I want to just start this out by asking you... Do you have a dream, or do you have a vision?

I've been talking a lot about this in the last couple of days to people.

A dream is something you wake up from a dream and you think, "Oh, that would be amazing for me to have. But I won't necessarily get there." So I'm gonna wake up from the dream, I'm always gonna wake up from it, and it's not going to be there anymore. And then the next day I have to dream something else?

OR do you have a big vision for your business? Do you have a vision that includes not just the financial, but what you want it to look like, how many hours you want to work, and you see that happening because you have a team in place.

Or you know that you always want to be offering XYZ service, maybe it's very high touch and you're not really sure how to do that, because you're seeing a lot of people applying concepts in their business, that take them out of it, and remove the high touch. Maybe you're just really not sure how this is all gonna work out for you.

What starts to happen when we start our business, and we're really excited is we expect everyone else to be excited right away too. And they don't necessarily know what we do or how we serve.

For many of us, people don't understand what coaching is, or what the difference is between coaching and consulting. A lot of people will come to you for what they really want is consulting and maybe you are offering services that are more done with you or done with support, because we're not educating our audience enough as to what we actually offer.

We're making a lot of assumptions, and what that does is makes us less confident in what we're doing. So the less people buy from us, the less confident we become in what we're selling. And then we start to kind of morph things around.

So I want you to look at your confidence level, I really want you to think about how you're feeling.

I want you to decide, are you comfortable with what you're selling right now? And the reality is, does it align with your ultimate vision?

Does it eventually lead you to where you want to go?

Or are you just treading water, right?

Because what we're gonna have here is this dog chasing its tail concept. Where you're selling something, and then you get upset because not a lot of people are buying or you're not getting to your goal, and then maybe you get excited again. So there's this constant rotation like the hamster on the wheel. And that's the mind drama that I was talking about, right?

So then all the money stuff comes up.

  • We start to get inside of people's wallets.
  • We start to wonder if people can really afford what we're selling.
  • We start to devalue ourselves in a lot of ways.

And we start to go back to that energy of being an employee where we're exchanging time for money versus our energy for services.

So if we're talking about having somebody come in, and support our business or support us in a way. Let's say our sink is leaky, and we need it to be repaired. I could go on YouTube, and I could figure out how to probably make that work. But it makes more sense for me to actually have someone else go do it for me, right? It's going to cost more money, but it's going to be done right. It's going to be done by somebody who is in that zone of genius, right? And it's going to be done in a way that doesn't cause, hopefully if you hire the right person, more damage. Whereas if I were to do it myself, I would probably pay a lot more money, because I would mess it up trying to DIY it.

This is where your competence level comes in. This is where we're gonna stop thinking about trading our time for money. And we're gonna think about the energy.

What you sell probably feels very basic to you. It's something that you already know. You could go give a talk on it with little to no preparation,

That doesn't make it less valuable to other people who don't know what you know, whether you're teaching, or their skills that you have in terms of coaching, or you have a product that you offer that provides someone some semblance of self care that they're not aware of.

So it's important to bring back this level of competence to what you're doing, so that you're not constantly creating iterations of it, to where you get to the point that it doesn't even look like what you originally intended it to look like.

When I'm talking about iterations and spilling out your confidence, it's like the bathtub.. It's splashing everywhere, and there's water going everywhere. And yet at the base of it is always your initial concept, right?

You want to make sure that you never veer from what your original values were. You want to make sure, in order to maintain your confidence, that you're always anchoring back to your original so that you're not eventually selling something that makes you miserable. You're not going to present it if you if that's how you feel.

You may not be selling things because you are in desperation mode. You are on the hunt. You're trying to be the client Crusader. You are trying to get clients. You're posting in all these groups trying to get somebody to pay attention to you. Because in your mind, when people pay attention to you that will convert to a sale, but that's not true.

The reality is, if you go and you look at who's already engaging with you, who's already having conversations with you, I guarantee you, you're going to find two or three people that you could talk to that need with exactly what you have today.

I'm going to challenge you to go do that. I'm going to challenge you to go look for people who are repeatedly engaging with you.

The people that you are overlooking, that are waiting for the invitation to have a conversation with you. They're waiting for you, because they're too afraid to ask for support.

And they're right in front of you. And you have not yet.

So we're not hunting anymore. Right? How much does your confidence boost when you're no longer thinking about hunting, and you're more aware of what's already in front of you?

Now you're probably making a lot more excuses than you are sales right now. Now we're going to STOP this friend!

Every time you make an excuse, I want you to write it down.

I want you to write it down. Write down every excuse that you make every single day for the next week. I bet you I can debunk every single one of them.

You're not too busy.

You are not too old for this.

You are not too young for this. 

You are not an amateur, you are an expert, and you're gonna show up that way.

So stop making excuses, because you don't want clients or customers that are gonna come to you with all those excuses. So we're gonna model the behavior that we want to see from others.

Now I encourage you to go look at exactly who you have right in front of your face. Look at the people that you engage with regularly, talk to them, and have conversations.

You can help them.

If you want to learn more about how you can step out, make sales, be more charismatic, have the courage to step out and be more visible. Jump on a call with me, for a no pressure chat.

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XO Paula