Your Exclusive Invitation to a One of a Kind Networking Opportunity
Purpose-Driven Business Owners!

17 Hours
28 Minutes
49 Seconds

Join the next High Caliber Conversation!
Wed, May 25 at 1pm CDT -2:30pm CDT

 High Caliber Conversations isn't your average networking event. This curated event is only for the kind of people who take a human-centric approach to all they do.

I personally invite people that I want to see thrive through expanding their network and without relying on social media. And you made the list!

This event is a chance to build rapport and trust with people who have the desire, and ability, to introduce you to your next profitable partnership, potential client, or visibility opportunity.

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Your business is not your identity! But it often feels like in order to grow you need have to have a million coffee chats, time on social media creating surface-level relationships, or pay a ton for a mastermind of peers...

While these connections may still offer some benefits, focusing on this gnaws away at your available time to serve your current clients and your ability to grow your business in a truly sustainable way.

Then there’s the case of magnetizing content - allowing people to master ONE way of communicating…while having a 1-dimensional view of others.

I know you're someone who craves conversation and meaningful relationships! So, I know that this startegy doesn't feel fulfilling and put you in tention with your mission to grow a soul-led business!

Sometimes it can even feel lonely... 

When you only communicate through walls of text, you miss body language, tone, and faces.

You miss out on seeing people for who they are: complex, multi-dimensional humans.

And you can be a super-savvy business owner, and NOT know how to talk to people in person.

Building relationships is its own skill!

Why Does This Matter?

Every single day I connect others to initiate partnerships and make recommendations for products and services (no affiliate or bonus referral required).

This is because I’m motivated by quality and client satisfaction, not easy money for something I might not believe in 100%! In fact, last year alone my recommendations resulted in nearly $50,000 combined sales for some of my go-to people - saving them time and money on marketing efforts.

All because I’m a raving fan!

So I'm inviting next level leaders - LIKE YOU - that care about long term relationships to join me.

- Are you ready to create human-centric relationships?
- Do you want to experience sustainable growth?

 - Are you ready to move your focus away from speed and towards long-term collaboration?

Then this is for you!

Because building a business (and being a human) is simply a series of partnerships with others.

You’ll be surrounded by people who have you top of mind - ready to refer and connect you (affiliate commission not required).

You’ll forge relationships with visionary leaders who want to share your name and offers with others because they know and believe in your offer.


Is there a replay?

High Caliber Conversations takes place once per month for 90 minutes

Our next conversations are:

Wed, May 25 at 1pm CDT -2:30pm CDT
Wed, June 29 2:30pm CDT - 4pm CDT

You must attend LIVE. In order to forge relationships and due to the nature of the event, a replay will not be available.

Your Investment

 When you focus on people first, magical things happen. And I want to see that magic come to life, so I’m making it easy for you to attend with an investment of only $47 per conversation.

Spaces are limited to ensure a genuine community, intimacy, and trust. 
To ensure you will continue to build relationships over time, consider a commitment of 3 months for just $141.

50% of the total profits will be donated to charity!  The charity will be selected by you and your high caliber colleagues.  You’ll have the chance to recommend a your favorite organization in advance and also vote LIVE! 

How is High Caliber Conversations different?

This is NOT a free-for-all pitch fest!
No reciting your “I help” statements!
 No wondering if the time (& money) you spent was worth it!

I value your time & I intend to use it wisely.

We'll talk about topics that matter to you right now. The ones no one seems to be addressing openly online.  

And because this is by invitation only, you can count on quality people in this space.

I’ll help guide the conversation so you walk away feeling like you have infinitely expanded your opportunities and create new powerful friendships! 

  • Quarterly Subscription
  • $141 USD

    every 3 months SIGN ME UP

Hey! I'm Paula

Here’s What I Believe -





At the end of the day, you're human - not a machine. I'm here to help you build your business and brand with that in mind.

Cheering you on!

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