Have you ever wondered why some people start their businesses at the same time and one seems to grow more quickly than the other?

It all boils down to laying the groundwork! 

If you're not making a consistent income, it's because you haven’t created boundaries and organized systems that let you operate as a confident CEO.

Are you operating with a CEO or employee mindset?

You know where you want to be 6 months from now, but not in detail (or maybe you have no clue).

You don’t have a plan to get there and you’re spending all of your time creating “to do’s” followed by long hours to get them done.


You’re lacking direction and you really wish you could just create a simple, easy, step-by-step plan that would allow you to easily make money doing what you love.

   Instead of the alarm, anxiety wakes you. You’re disorganized and panicked.    

You’ve been entranced by the idea of making money and are passionate about what you do, but passion isn’t paying the bills… YET    

You’re making checklists, scrolling social, sending DMs, and making graphics - but you haven’t seen results.  

You haven’t gotten there yet, but you actually have no idea where “there” is.    

You know what you’re doing right now isn’t really working, but you’re not sure where to focus.

You need a clear direction for your business. The exact steps to start your business to feel like a powerful and confident CEO & create a business that makes you feel proud, not anxious, from the very beginning.

Imagine this…

You quit your 9-5 and imagine how amazing it would be to be your own boss.  

You roll out of bed at 10am, make a cup of coffee and journal for a bit. Finally when you're ready to get started, you sit down at your desk in your pajamas (whatever you feel like wearing for the day) and check in with your clients.  

You smile because it’s so easy for you to enjoy your life AND be a badass CEO. ⁣  


A solid CEO mindset and a strategic plan to grow my business without burning out.


CEO Mindset & Business Confidence

Get clear on what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what to do instead, so you wake up every day ready to go ALL IN


Set the Foundation

The checklist you need with basic recommended resources to create a solid business foundation and set yourself up as a legitimate business


Plan to Succeed

Learn to plan and execute business projects. Set your next 90 days of goals, project your financials, and create a roadmap to get where you’re going and track them as you go along.


Selling 101 & Building An Audience

Learn my exact method to build genuine connections and maintain integrity in selling to attract more of the people you want to work with



When I started working with Paula in April 2020, I was overwhelmed, overworked and scatterbrained. We implemented strategies that helped me truly SEE what I wanted out of life and what was important to me. In August, I did not return to my 9-5 and got to stay home with my kids and work my business! I started coaching high school volleyball in August and started dreading leaving the house everyday. I wanted to quit. I wasn’t happy. By talking through things with Paula, I realized that I wasn’t really there for the volleyball ... I was there to help empower these young females into being leaders on and off the court ! In late December I launched my Athletic Mindset Coaching business and signed my first client! 2021 is going to be MY YEAR! I will never not have Paula in my corner. After a session with her, I feel unstoppable. I feel empowered. I feel confident! Most importantly... I feel like MEGAN!

- Megan Griffin

I needed accountability and someone who could help me plan out the next steps of my work ideas. After 11 years in business as a personal stylist I felt like I hit a wall and I was trying to find what to do next. Paula was able to see my potential, where I was topping myself, and gave me ideas to get my creativity to flow again. There was also a lot happening in my personal life so my mind felt clouded with a lot and Paula was able to help me finish my sentences and make sense of the jumbled thoughts. I'm so grateful I was able to work with her to boost my vision again for the new year.

- Tannya Bernadette

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