Mindset Strategies to Accelerate Your Business Success with Machen MacDonald

How can you create a recession proof business? And a recession proof life? Machen MacDonald shares how 90% of business success comes from your mindset

How can you create a recession proof business? And a recession proof life? In this episode, Machen MacDonald shares how 90% of business success comes down to owner & CEO mindset. He shares how he teaches his clients to optimize their potential by catching fear before you react and addressing beliefs around who they believe they are not to skyrocket their business success.

In this episode we chat about:

How money is energy and how to capitalize on this

Focusing on your gifts

Avoiding your inner saboteur

Overcoming feelings of “unworthiness”

And so much more!

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Machen MacDonald is the guide elite small business owners and professionals have gone to for 25+ years to gain increased clarity, confidence, and capacity to optimize their potential and that of their teams. His workshops and inspirational lectures teach and motivate small business owners and trusted advisors the deep insights and pragmatic skills they crave. They discover how to accelerate the growth and success of their business while experiencing greater life fulfillment.


(03:20) Machen introduces himself and his background in entrepreneurship beginning in high school.

(07:25) Money is energy and how to use it to make sales.

(09:30) Shifting your mindset to what you do want.

(13:50) Creating the “golden bubble” to create business success.

(15:30) Setting expectations to avoid your inner saboteur. Focusing on your gifts to bring.

(17:40) Embracing your emotions as you move towards your gifts.

(18:16) Emotions = BITS Beliefs, Ideas, Thoughts.

(22:15) Worthiness is an inside job.

(24:56) Getting out of your head and responding rather than reacting.

(30:00) The fear and shame we’re seeing in what business is going to look like in the future and the possible recession.

(32:00) An activity to move through fear, “the responsibility game”.

(37:00) How fear takes you back to your inner child and emotionally young again.

(40:46) Where you can connect with Machen every other Friday.


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