How to Know, Love & Trust Yourself in Life & Business with Jo Naughton

Jo Naughton shares how she moved away from feeling like a victim of her circumstances, to being the powerful creator of her life.

Are you showing up authentically every day? Or are you burdened under the weight of expectations. 

In today’s episode, Jo Naughton shares her journey through a brain injury to a deep mind, body and soul connection. She shares how she moved away from feeling like a victim of her circumstances, to being the powerful creator of her life by taking radical responsibility.

In this episode we chat about:

Noticing your internal dialogue to create a higher, soul mind body connection. 

Applying the “know, like & trust” factor to yourself.

“Radical Responsibility” and stepping away from the victim mentality. 

Releasing the outcome of your actions.

Letting the pain flow through your experience. 

Showing up authentically & remove the masks you wear. 

Recognizing your “power energies”.

Jo’s top tip to start your powerful journey today.

And so much more!

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(02:00) Jo & Paula share how they initially connecte over their use of curse and swear words.

(02:48) Jo’s journey from a brain injury to holistic, alignment coach. Noticing her internal dialogue and creating a higher, soul mind body connection.

(05:45) How Jo began reconnecting with her body and the callings the vessel was giving her.

 (07:48) Why Jo left teaching primary school to pursue a life of deeper alignment.

(10:25) Applying the “know, like & trust” factor to yourself.

(10:50) “Radical Responsibility” and stepping away from the victim mentality. Stepping up as the creator of your own life. 

(17:15) How you are the missing piece you need to change your life and releasing the outcome of your actions.

(19:28) Jo’s deep connection with her soul-self and learning to know, love and trust herself. 

(20:30) Learning to find beautiful moments in the suffering and letting the pain flow through your experience. Recognizing that life is happening for you.

(24:40) Feeling like you have to wear a mask to fulfil others expectations of who you are. 

(26:00) Showing up authentically to create favourite client attraction.

(29:45) Avoiding the noise of what you “should” be doing.

(31:20) Recognizing your “power energies”.

(33:30) Checking in with yourself on your journey to knowing, loving and trusting yourself and your decisions.

(35:31) Jo shares her top tip to start your powerful journey today.



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Paula Shepherd  00:01

Hi, I'm Paula Shepherd, I went to college to get a good job and make a lot of money. Back then, no one talked about doing what you love. And while I successfully climbed the corporate ladder, I felt like there was something missing. So I left the seemingly comfortable corporate world at 40 years old for the freedom of full time entrepreneurship. Today, I get to help ambitious women go from entrepreneur to confident CEO of their lives and businesses. I created this podcast to share what I've learned with you to make your journey just a little easier, and to connect you with other incredible business owners who took a chance on themselves and who they are becoming. So whether you're just getting started, are all in for just want to hear a friendly voice. Come on in and sit with us. Now, let's dive in. Welcome to another episode of The confidence sessions. Every week, I know that I say I am so thrilled to have the particular guests that we have. But today, I can say that I have been really looking forward to this ever since she showed up on my calendar. She is the epitome of authenticity, and really stays true to herself. Right before this conversation. She asked me if it was okay for her to swear. And I told her to just show up as her. I absolutely love to be able to bring to you today. Joe notton. Welcome to the show, Joe,

Jo Naughton  01:42

so far to get to chat to you. I think Yeah. Swearing is definitely going to happen even if I even if you said no, it was gonna happen. So

Paula Shepherd  01:51

it's just a natural thing. Yeah, I have. I think we originally bonded over the the swear words, and you had a shirt. I can't remember what it said right now. But I absolutely loved it.

Jo Naughton  02:03

It was something that my it was yeah, it was. Yeah, I've got so many I don't know, something exciting about swearing, probably.

Paula Shepherd  02:12

Oh, and I had one that said I say bad words a lot. And so that's kind of how we initially bonded was over bad words. So I love that. And you in your work, talk a lot about alignment. And this is this idea of waking up your mind body and soul connection. I am so curious how you started your business, and how you started leaning into this idea of alignment in this very holistic way.

Jo Naughton  02:48

Right? And that's a great question, because that really has been a journey. That wasn't how I initially started my business, actually, because when I started my business, I know I've shared with you before Paula, when I started my business, I was starting from a place of something I'd had something really challenging happened in my life, I had suffered a brain injury, which now was four years ago. And what happened as a result of that was that I, I kind of had to reconnect, and notice what was going on in my own mind. You know, initially it was kind of, you know, the actual, like physical brain had been kind of damaged to some degree. And what I noticed from that was that it was causing loads of loads of problems, it was causing problems, you know, with speech, I had to reteach myself to speak clearly to, to even remember words, I'd lost loads of skills, like all of these different things, right. And so I kind of started off my journey, really looking at my mind, and really looking at the things I suppose I, I felt like I'd lost but then also looking and noticing all these kind of voices in my mind about where I should be and where it shouldn't be, and how I should feel and how I shouldn't feel. And then kind of noticing that those voices had been with me my whole life. And I hadn't even necessarily kind of kind of stepped back and really looked at what was going on there. And so when I initially started this business three years ago, having already been a coach, actually, for a long time before that, but specifically working as a coach in education after having been a primary school teacher for a long time. I really stepped into this business from a place of thinking that, you know, it was about mind it was about the mindset, I refer to myself as a mindset coach, and we were talking about mindset all the time, it was all it was all about looking at the mind and how the mind effects everything and how our thoughts are creating everything and you know whether our thoughts are serving us and all that sort of stuff, all of that really beautiful, juicy stuff. But actually what ended up happening as a result of my own journey there and then the clients I was working with initially is that I started to recognise that I was tapping into something so much deeper, and higher and wiser and truer Mind. And really when I look back now I recognise that what I was tapping into was soul I was tapped tapping into my higher self, I was really reconnecting with a deeper, wiser part of myself that had always been there. But I hadn't necessarily, like seen her truly seen her and invited her in to be able to help guide me along the way. So as I recognise this beautiful connection between looking at mind, and then really reconnecting with my soul self, an interesting thing happened in that, I started to realise that my body was kind of being calling out to me to look at it, to work with it, to move it more to, to ground it, to experience it, to feel the pleasure of it to, you know, all of these different things that I was kind of being called to do in terms of my body and to recognise my body as the vessel for a lot of what's going on, particularly in the subconscious or unconscious mind. That's where everything's being stored. It's where all of the, the, the feelings, the emotions, the vibrations, the sensations that that are triggered by our minds, land and sit and move about and play. And so that, I suppose is where the whole kind of mind body and soul alignment all came together, recognising that, that just focusing on kind of one part, or one of those parts alone, is beautiful, and can be really helpful. But fundamentally, if we can, if we can seriously lean into the alignment, the bringing together the waking up of not only mind, and not only like connecting with soul, but bringing the body in as well. And bringing all of those three beautiful things together. It's like, that's where the fucking power seriously seriously happens, right?

Paula Shepherd  06:58

I'm like hearing everything that you're saying. And I, the biggest question for me, in my mind right now is, is this the reason why you stop teaching? Because there's a lot of focus on curriculum, and very put the blinders on, do it one way, follow the process, but the way that you're describing it is really feeling in to your body and understanding that, yeah, doing it one way, like going through one track like you would in college, I chose this major, and I'm gonna do this thing. Yeah, that might work. But you're missing all this amazing stuff in the periphery, if you don't also look at and examine these other pieces and parts like the your body, your mind and your soul, along with the logical style of learning.

Jo Naughton  07:46

Yeah, is exactly the reason why would I have necessarily recognised that at the time? Maybe not. But, you know, in hindsight, that's exactly what I was feeling. I absolutely bloody loved teaching, I really did. Like, I continue to love teaching and learning, it's still a massive part of what I do. It is what I do in so many ways. But the kind of pigeon holing of, of what teaching and learning looked like the pigeon holing of it being much more specifically around the mind and the mind set, like even that term, right mindset is, like this thing that's kind of set in this way. And this is how it is. And it's, it's about, you know, more about the kind of knowledge and the facts and doing it this certain way that everybody's doing it. And that that's just how it is just kind of goes against everything really, that inside me, I believe in and I feel to be true. And of course, I mean, you know, we are so blessed that there are so many wonderful, wonderful teachers out there who recognise this, and as I did, who are doing as much as we possibly can to be able to lean into all the parts of ourselves and to be able to go deeper than just purely the facts and figures of the, of the kind of learning but, but then, you know, there are so many kind of corners around it that may that can make it tricky to do that. And, you know, one of the things I regularly think now is that if I if I was to step back into teaching now, it would be just a whole different story, it would just be a whole different ballgame of, of where the focus would be, you know, if if the freedom would were there to be able to do that the focus would be on it on a whole new thing, those facts and figures, you know, things that just just don't matter a job compared to really deeply knowing ourselves, loving ourselves trusting ourselves, you know, if if education was really all about those three things, knowing loving and trusting ourselves then I mean That's a, you know, that's a fucking world that I want to I want to be able to really step forward in

Paula Shepherd  10:07

knowing, loving and trusting ourselves. And in what's like kind of ringing in my mind right now too is this idea when we're talking about business is that know, like and trust factor. And I always like to say, the no trust and respect factor when it comes to someone else, but what you're actually doing is putting the person you yourself in the driver's seat, and so many times we give that power away to other people. I know that radical responsibility is one of your overarching themes that you feel very strongly about in the coaching industry. Can you just share a little bit more about what your thoughts are around that topic?

Jo Naughton  10:48

Yeah, I think it comes from a hell of a lot of my life, when I look back now. And I'm going to say, I spent a hell of a lot of my life as a victim, I spent a hell of a lot of my life believing that life happened to me. And that, and you know, and therefore, like, loving a good moan about it loving, being able to complain about it, loving the fact that this is just how it is, and there's nothing I can do about it. And I say that as someone that I actually, you know, even even in the times I'm talking about, I appeared to be actually quite a positive person I was always doing well, I was always, you know, successful in loads of ways and in everything I did. But there was absolutely at the core of it this, like, this belief that like that, someone else was somehow responsible for creating my results. And that if, if I were to claim any responsibility, at that point, I would have seen it as I had to, it had to be my fault. Or I was blaming myself for stuff that was going on, which actually kind of kept me in that kind of victim mentality. Whereas one of the kind of biggest journeys, particularly since my brain injury, so over the last few years has been to step the fuck up as the deliberate creator of my reality of all of it, of every single moment of it, of not simply my own thoughts and feelings and responses, but also the deliberate creator of what I'm seeing externally to me, like, if I'm seeing a loads of load of shit around me, it's because I am looking for that it's because I am, it's a, there is a reflection of what's going on inside me. If I'm seeing loads of people outside of me, you know, doing awful things, or moaning or shouting or complaining, or whatever else it is, I've got to actually look inside myself to say, Why am I looking for that? Why are they the things that I am noticing? There's obviously a part of me that has those programmes inside. And so it's looking for something to match that. And so one of the things that I have noticed more and more over the last few years, is that I just, I very rarely see any, any thing outside of myself that I don't just really like, like everybody is kind. Everyone is kind to me, everyone is lovely. Everyone is giving everyone is and it's because I am I have stepped up to that place of being deliberate creator. There's that beautiful story. I don't know if you've heard it, Paula, where I can't remember who originally kind of told the story, but I've heard it a few times of, of a man sitting on a bench, just outside town. Right. And, and another man come comes along, and he says to the man sitting on the bench. Oh, um, can you can you just tell me do you know this town? Can you tell me about this town? Because I'm thinking of moving to it. And the Batman of the bench says, Yeah, sure. Um, before I do, though, can I just ask you like, you know what other people because the man's specifically wants to know what the people like. He says, what do people like in the town you live in now? And the guy says, Oh, actually, then yeah, they're not great. Like, they're all moaning and they all complain, and we don't really help each other and all of that. And so the guy in the bench goes, Oh, yeah, I hear you on that. Yeah, I think you'll find this this town's the same. It's exactly the same, right? So the people here are like that, too. And so the guy goes away, then another another guy comes along, and says the same thing. Oh, do you know this town? I'm thinking of moving to this town. Like what are the people like? So the guy in the bench says, Well, can I just ask you first like the town you're living in at the moment what the people like they're all They're lovely. They're so friendly. They're really helpful. Everyone's so kind to each other. Like we all pitch in and the guy on the bench goes Yeah, that's exactly what this town's like yeah, that's what you'll find that people are like, they're like that, to me sums it all up, right? When we're looking for when we're looking for the good when we're looking for the kindness when When we're doing that, we absolutely get it, we see it reflected back. But that has to start with us looking for that inside ourselves. That for me has started with me stepping up to the fact that I am not I, firstly, I'm the deliberate creator of myself. And so knowing loving and trusting myself is key. Because when I know love and trust myself, then I just know love and trust everyone. Like it sounds a bit kind of oversimplified, but that is my experience of it. I trust you, because I trust me. And so there's nothing you can do to me. Because I trust myself enough to handle it, I trust myself enough that actually, it's all meant to be happening anyway. And so, for me, it starts with that full self responsibility. And it just beautifully, in my experience and experience with the people I work with in support, it just starts to ripple out, like almost magically, but not so magically. Because you know, it's happening on purpose, almost magically out into our external surroundings as well.

Paula Shepherd  16:10

But it's really easy to like misery loves company, that kind of thing. If you are around it all of the time, it's easy to sink into it, and that he or mentality that you were mentioning before, I mean, that was me too. And, and then the more I did work on myself to try to get away from that, the easier it was for me to see the pieces and parts that I also needed to let go of, so that I could bring more of what I wanted that describing the lovely people that people that are around you. But also understanding that sitting back and waiting for people to be nice to me, meant that I also had to complete the cycle by doing those things in advance. Because I think that there's a lot of, if I do these things, if I'm nice, if I'm a giver, if I'm a kind person, I expect that everyone else will do that. And if they don't, in that reciprocity, which is almost an expectation, we feel a bitterness about it. And and for me and everything that you're describing that missing piece was letting go of the story, that someone else had to do this, because I fill in the blank, someone else had to say thank you because I sent XYZ, someone else had to recommend me to someone because I recommended them. But when we're doing it from a place in a space of I care about doing this because I want to or the intention behind it is pure, and the intention behind it is kind that does reflect back to us. But the reflection only happens when we stand in front of the mirror. Right? If we're standing in front of the mirror the way that you're saying, and we're not putting that out into the world, it certainly is not going to come back to us. Right. So I and I love that story. I actually had never heard that story before. And it it felt like Storytime with Joe and I really loved it, it was really great. I you know, it's like, it really is such a poignant example of, you know, you see what you want to see, especially in people, if you focus, if I focused on my husband, not making the bed every morning, he makes the bed every morning, if he doesn't make the bed every morning, and I get angry about it. And I allow that to fester. And then I'm going to start to see all the other things that maybe aren't happening or aren't being done. Not only does that become about him, it becomes about everything else in my life versus going wow, I'm really grateful that you know, typically this happens and that I have this roof over my head and I'm being very generic care, but that ultimately my life feels very joyful. And and being able to focus on that and see that emits a whole bunch of shit, right? Like, especially when the shit hits the fan, to be able to ground yourself and bring yourself back to a place of but everything's okay. It's all okay. And your beautiful example of that between, you know, your brain injury and I know you've talked a lot about having terrible experiences with bullying. So for you to be able to say this is I just got chills, it's so magical. It feels magical to me,

Jo Naughton  19:28

that for me is you're really they're describing that deep connection that I have created with what I would refer to as my soul, my soul self my higher self. And I refer to you know, to it to her as if she's outside of me, but most of the time she is I like when I when I use the word AI that is the I am referring to and it's the the mind and body self the kind of the ego identity self which is also A fucking beautiful thing as well. that I'm that I'm really referring to in the term you, it's that connection with my soul and higher self. That brings the beautiful wisdom and guidance that just reminds me all the time. Everything is unfolding perfectly in my highest good everything is exactly as it's meant to be like, my brain injury was the biggest gift I have ever been given. And at the time, could I see that hell no. But there were beautiful moments of waking up along the way where even in the pain, the physical pain of it, the mental pain of it, the emotional pain of it, the real struggling and suffering that felt like, you know, I was in around it, even within that I remember moments of pure, deep connectedness and have have just this like inner knowing that not only was everything going to be okay, everything was already Okay. In this moment, everything is okay, I am here I am breathing. This is all learning. And you know, I wouldn't change any of it, I wouldn't change a second of my journey, even the things that felt at the time, because you said about bullying. You know, when I was younger, I was beaten up and attacked a couple of times when I was when I was 16. And like, really, you know, at the time, that felt obviously awful. And I don't want anyone to have to go through that. Yet, I absolutely still know that was meant to happen for me, not to me. For me, it's experiences like that, actually, it's recognising those times of darkness and of pain, that make me able to seriously enjoy the light. And it's the difference between recognising those those experiences for what they are pain, mental, emotional, physical pain, and knowing the difference between that and suffering. Because pain is going to be inevitable pain is going to happen, we're going to experience mental physical and emotional pain we're meant to, because it's a signpost, that something is out of out of alignment in some way. But when we then choose to attach stories to that, when we then choose to make that means something fundamentally about who we are and our value and our worth and and what we deserve. And is it my fault? Or is this or is it that or should I be angry at them? Or when I start to create all the stories around it? Am I going to feel like this forever, oh my god, this is never going to stop, it's just gonna get worse. Why does this always happen? To me, it's typical. When I choose to create those stories around it, I am choosing to suffer, which is a completely different experience to simply allowing the pain to be as it is, and holding space for that pain, until inevitably, that pain will flow out of my mind, body soul, when when it's the right time to if I don't grab onto it, or try and push it down. And kind of experience the suffering of it.

Paula Shepherd  23:14

In that that idea of like letting it flow through you is really poignant, I think, especially to people who are listening because they're very high achieving very ambitious people, women in particular, who feel like I have to be strong, I'm wearing all the hats, you know, where it got the job and maybe the the side business or the full time business where I'm trying to bring in income and and just feeling very heavy about all of this. So when something when the shoe drops, it's very easy to fall to this isn't working. And I love when you said that this is happening for me and not to me, there are a million experiences that have popped into my head that make me think, wow, that idea of happening for me is really while I have never actually put it that way, is really what allowed me to move through it. And to be a voice for other people who have had similar things happen to them. I don't think it's a mistake that these things have happened for you as well. Because the way you show up in your life and I'll just say in your life, but then how that also really integrates very lovely into your business is to me, not a mistake. It feels like it was meant to be.

Jo Naughton  24:40

Yeah. And I mean you know the way you say that I love that the way I show up in my life and then then how that flows into my business. What I absolutely love about how I'm living right now is that I really am just me in all of it right Like, I have a life, I'm living a life, there are things I do that, you know, I kind of, I suppose outside of my business and my work time, and then there's a business within it. But fundamentally all of it, I'm just absolutely showing up as me. And I think that's what I created a lot of suffering for a long time in my life around feeling this need to wear a mask in, in, you know, well, a lot of the time pretty much all the time. And then to change that mask, depending on different situations and different contexts and different people I was with, you know, imagining who they expected me to be, and then wearing the mask of that person. And so when you said like, right at the beginning of this introducing me about me being like, you know, really authentic, like, that is just such a beautiful, beautiful, like, gift of a description for me, because that is, the joy that I experienced right now is, has been created by me fully stepping into me being me always everywhere. And that doesn't mean that I'm not sensitive to situations, that doesn't mean that like, you know, when I'm with my mum, I'm not effing and blinding like, you know, every two seconds, because, because I get that, but that's not me masking myself, it's not me being a completely different me or hiding any part of me, it is simply me, me actually like loving the me I can be with her so much, rather than hating any part of myself. And so having to hide it, it's about leaning into loving that rather than, than hating anything. And, and just that kind of that that feeling of being able to, to just be my my full, true self. And again, it comes back to those things. I know myself, I love myself, I trust myself, then it's, it's, it's completely joyful. And it absolutely is exactly how I show up my business is how I show up in my life, the way that I, the way that I create clients, the way that I work with clients is just Joe showing up as Joe and sharing, you know, knowing myself loving myself trusting myself and therefore showing up and sharing myself with the world. I have no formal like marketing strategies, or this is how I do this, or I'm going to talk about this in this way to entice them in. Really the way that I have actually created. The success that I've created in my business, and therefore in my life is is through what I've just said, No love and trust myself and share myself. And from that energy, I resonate a mic that energy resonates with the right people, rather than I think sometimes a lot of the focus can be and I get it, but it can be on Who are they and what did they want? And what did they need? And let's make up things to make sure like it fits in with them. Like where do my skills fit with that? Actually, I kind of say like, I've done it completely the other way around, and it's fucking working for me, like, I'm like, What do I bloody love? What do I want to do? What am I great at? Like, what do you know? How do I want to show up, and then the right people resonate with that they show themselves to me, and, and then every single step. For me, I'm loving it. And when I'm loving it, they're loving it, when I'm loving it, I get results when when they're loving it and I'm loving it, they get results. That's how it works. Rather than me trying to fit myself into any masks or boxes.

Paula Shepherd  28:46

You and I have such a similar ideal when it comes to business. But I have found myself trapped at times in the okay, if I'm going to get to the next step, I have to do things using XYZ strategy, I'm going to invest in this and then I'm going to have to do it this way. And if I'm not doing it that way, then maybe that's why things aren't growing as quickly as I want them to or in the way that I want them to. And every single time I come back to what feels good to me what comes naturally to me and let the rest of the shit go. That's when everything kind of explodes. That's when the magical people just kind of come out of the woodwork the people that have been lurking for a while or I can take seven days off of social media and sign to new clients. Right? Do you feel like you've gotten caught in that trap before to have what you have to do?

Jo Naughton  29:45

Totally, you know, there's there is there's so much noise out there of of what everyone else is doing and and then it brings in that those voices inside ourselves. Which you know I We'd say coming from that more kind of ego part of ourselves that says like, well, I should be and I need to be right. And and I mean, firstly, whenever I notice any voices that come from a place of should or need and come with the words should or need straightaway, I'm like, right, we're dropping like, straightaway, that's it? No, absolutely no, not doing that. But then I kind of noticed that actually, my mind got quite used to that, and quite sneaky with that, and it started bringing me things without the words need. And should, it new to bring me as like the words like once I want this, which felt like a more open energy. But really, it was still the same energy, it was still coming from this place of like something that I, I kind of believed, like I was lacking. And, and so I kind of, I have to do that thing. And so it really has just been a journey, and continues to be a journey of noticing when I feel like I'm in that need energy, and that should energy. And one of the key things for me, is again, as I say, really tapping into my body with it, I have a lot of the work I do now is around, as I say, combining the mind, body and soul. And using the mind and body to tap into what the energy is the mind in cells tap into what the energy is in body, I now really deeply know what I refer to as my kind of power energies, the energies that like just feel so good to me that light me up things like you know, the energy of freedom, the energy of connection, the energy of pleasure, and grounding and feeling those energies in my body, I now can very quickly work out what's for me and what not what's not for me. And so simply by looking at something, reading something, thinking about this next course that maybe I could join, right, I just instantly tap into my body. And I feel the energy of my body and I feel whether it is one of those lovely power energies or whether anything feels slightly off because if anything feels slightly off, then it's a no for me. And and one of the things I've really noticed you you said that lovely question is a question I asked myself 1000 times a day, like, what feels good? Does this feel good to me? And for me, I've even kind of taken it to the next step. In fact, I was chatting to someone last night about this, what one of my biggest kind of power energies is the energy of not even just do I want this Does it feel good? But it's like this real sacral like almost kind of sexual pleasure energy. It's like, does this fucking turn me on? Like, does this feel almost like orgasmic in some way? And for me, that's a really powerful thing. If it doesn't have that little tingle, then then it's then it's probably a no, it's probably going to be a no for me. But it's you know, it takes some some work to really connect into the body in that way. So that we can learn it signs and signals.

Paula Shepherd  32:58

And I think in this day and age, particularly when it comes to, we'll just say an entrepreneurs because that's what we see all over social media, if you own a business is all that noise that you were talking about. So being able to have someone offer something to you not feel triggered by it, and to sit with it for a moment and go Is this for me? Or is this not for me? Okay, it's not for me, and being able to share that information with the other person with absolute 100% confidence and your own standards. And the way that you show up for yourself.

Jo Naughton  33:36

Yeah, yeah, it really is that just that that moment of checking in and I think that's that again is why it's so important and powerful to continue always on this journey of knowing loving and trusting ourselves because that makes the checking in so much easier, right? Like initially when initially like a few years ago when I was doing the checking in with myself I didn't quite know what I was checking in with I was like, Yeah, I think I want this thing. Yeah, does that feel good? Yeah, I think that feels good. I didn't really know what that meant. And so as I say, through through really connecting the mind body and the soul and particularly then the body energy that that now is such an easy check in for me I can instantly feel the sensation inside that says this is a yes or this is a no. And it it makes it then very clear. And it then makes it much easier to say to someone who's in front of you kind of like waiting for a yes or no. Yes or no. Because you can like with such confidence. It's like well my body told me like there's just no other option like it's not it's not me dilly dallying it's not me kind of saying oh, you know I'm saying no to you. Like literally my body just said it was no and so No is the answer. Like that's just how it

Paula Shepherd  35:00

without any explanation, and that's what I think is the most important kind of takeaway from this whole thing is being able to trust yourself and making those decisions and know that no one else is responsible for bringing anything into your life that you do have to create that. If there's one tip, one small step or thing that anyone that's listening today could take away and, and just start to implement, from what you share with your clients, what would that be?

Jo Naughton  35:30

I think it'd be basically the key thing that I've just shared there, around feeling into the energy in your body. And so I would say, choose an energy that really fucking lights you up that feels good that that feels like a kind of power for you. So it could, you know, use a word for it. So it could be like freedom, or it could be joy, or it could be purpose or passion, or whatever else it is vibrancy, whatever else it is. Choose it and sit in your body with it. Close your eyes, breathe with it, repeat the word out loud to yourself in your mind and feel the energy of it, feel where it is in your body, the colours of it, the movements of it, the sounds of any smells of it, really kind of tap into that energy, and continue to do that. So that that can become a really easy way to reconnect with yourself. And also a really easy way to check in. If, if there's a decision to be made, and there's like none of that energy present, or that energy feels like a really weird kind of twisted version of itself, then you know that that is telling you something

Paula Shepherd  36:35

amazing. Well, Joe, I am really honoured that you spent time with us today, your story, the things that you've been through the things that have happened for you, and the way that you are boldly leading people to live these incredibly aligned lives and create success their way is just absolutely incredible. I am so, so grateful to have you in my world, and to have had you here today. So thank you,

Jo Naughton  37:05

right back at you. Thank you so much for that.

Paula Shepherd  37:08

So if you'd love to connect with Joe, and you absolutely want to go to her website, I'll link everything into the show notes here. Or you can find her on social media as well. But you definitely want to connect with her. If you love bad words, and you love alignment. And you want to start tapping into your own intuition and doing things the right way. Go ahead and reach out to Joe. All right, I'll see you next week on a another episode of The confidence session. Thank you for listening to this episode of The confidence session. I know there are hundreds of 1000s of podcasts. And I'm so grateful that you chose to spend your time today with me. Head on over to be fearless with forward slash podcast to check out the show notes from today's episode and grab links to all the amazing goodies mentioned today. Also, if you loved this episode, as much as I loved making it, make sure you don't miss any future ones by hitting the subscribe button right now. See you next time.

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