#3: Awaken Your Soul and Restore the Real You with Soul Therapist Dawn Gatling

Are you on auto-pilot with your career, leaving you feeling as if you settled for the status quo? In today’s episode, Soul Therapist Dawn Gatling..

Are you on auto-pilot with your career, leaving you feeling as if you settled for the status quo?

If you feel like you’ve lost your purpose and passion in life, you CAN rediscover who you really are by reconnecting with your soul.

In today’s episode, Soul Therapist Dawn Gatling is sharing how Soul Therapy addresses trauma by looking inward to enter into a process of self-discovery. Get ready to engage with your heart and soul and use Dawn’s tips to confidently diversify your coaching resources, awaken your soul, and live your best life!

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about:

  • How you can change your world through a process of self-discovery with Soul Therapy
  • Why professional therapy has its limitations (and how Soul Therapy can help!)
  • Dawn’s BEST tips for renewing your purpose and passion for life
  • Being trauma informed versus trauma aware - do you know the difference? Dawn tells us more!
  • The top clues to look for when identifying trauma in your clients
  • Why coaches need a diverse community of resources in their helping “toolbox” 
  • What you MUST know to help you get started with Soul Therapy (and find a Soul Therapist you vibe with!)
  • How you can rid yourself of preconceived notions and confidently show up as the REAL you!
  • And much more!

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