Ep. 9: What You Need to Know to Legally Protect Your Online Business with Natalie Puglisi

If you’ve been trying to DIY legal base of your online business you HAVE to tune in to this episode! I invite attorney Natalie Puglisi to talk about b

If you’ve been trying to DIY the legal base of your online business - you HAVE to tune in to today’s episode!

On this week’s show, I invite attorney Natalie Puglisi to talk to us about building the legal foundation of your business, how to navigate the frequent changes in the online space, and the MOST IMPORTANT things you need to know so you can keep your business protected (without financial stress or overwhelm!)

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about:

  • How you could be liable for large fines if you are counting on your website platform to provide a privacy policy (or any other legal agreement!)
  • The 3 documents you NEED on your website as a baseline! 
  • How to navigate the legal issues that can come up around posting testimonials
  • Natalie’s BEST tips for avoiding trademark infringement
  • How to start affiliate programs from a legal standpoint (this process can be easy!)
  • Why hiring attorney support might be right for your business (especially if you operate online!)
  • And so much more!

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